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PPP Survey Results
  Thanks to all who took the time to fill out a survey. I hope I learned something from you by asking about your likes and dislikes. Here are the questions and the percentage responses.

1) Pepin's Pharmaceutical Prattle contains about 7 articles each week. Should the number be increased?
  88% said Seven was enough!

2) Eliminate the PPP editorial (just give me the news).
  100% want the editorial continued (Rememberů you asked for it!)

3) Is having PPP older than 6 months useful?
  Only 26% found article over 6 months of use (Probably because they read it each week and keep up to date)

4) Bring the cartoons back?
  84% want some humor in their life. The other 16% are art critics. (With mosquito season over for the year I will give the "101" a rest) I was pleased that this went over as well as it did... as an artist, I make a great pharmacist.

5) I want more on new drugs.
  11% "Just Said NO" to new drugs. I was surprised by this... but then again I am surprised every morning when I look in the mirror.

6) I want more information on government issues
  72% wanted more on Government issues. (WOW!)

7) I want more information on pharmaceutical companies.
  66% want more on Pharma

8) Take out the CORNBALL HUMOUR?
  Everybody loves the corn. (Thank goodness.... I'm not sure I could write any other way!)

9) I have visited SHOPPING (at least to look around).
  60% went shopping. I learned "You can lead a person to shopping but you can't make them buy."

Some comments received:
  Seven articles a week is about right - just enough to get a quick primer of what's going on. By the way - I look forward to the cornball humor, but I would suggest proofing for spelling errors! Some people get hung up on that and don't look for the content.

  I like it pretty much "as is"... with the pithy humor, commentary and even editorializing... Like the 'moral values' overtone of the author and the jumplinks provided ... Enjoyed 'uses for a dead mosquito'..

  Government issues- not more info, just the same amount.Definately do not take out the cornball humor or the editorials. That's what makes it worth opening up.

  You provide great snip-its of drug news, which I find very interesting since I am not a pharmacist. You also try to lighten and enlighten the week's news with editorial comments and humor. As a testament to your editorials, I have put up a quote by Norman Vincent Peale (the imagination one) on my wall. Thanks!

What I learned::
  People want more information about what they are interested in but don't want the total amount of information to change. (With the diverse audience it means that it will have to stay about the same for awhile). People seem to learn more and retain the information if prodded with a little good natured humor. (Something has to break up the days of people NERDY enough to actually READ this stuff) With my January software and site upgrade a different way of archiving old articles may be in order. I also learned that I need to pay more attention to spelling.

A heartfelt Thanks to all who took the time to respond....Thanks, Steve
  Disclaimer: "Pepin's Pharmaceutical Prattle" (AKA "The Prattle") is the property of PHARMWORKS, LLC and Steven M. Pepin, Pharm. D, BCPS. The opinions expressed are those of the bald-headed author. To start or stop any drug without the advice and supervision of your physician would be stupid. So don't do anything based upon what you read here without professional advice. To be added to or removed from the distribution list please e-mail your request to spepin@pharmworks.com . All insightful comments from readers are thoughtfully considered (the rest are callously discarded). Copyright 1998-2003 PHARMWORKS,LLC all rights reserved.

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